Switch Kit

Heritage Bank Switch Kit Resource Center

Think its too much trouble to open a new bank account at a different bank? Not with Heritage Bank! Now, with our SwitchKit you can move your money from other banks to Heritage Bank by following a few simple steps start moving your money today.

Step 1: Open one of our FREE checking accounts.

You will need your new
Checking account Number: _______________________________
Routing Number: _______________________________________

Step 2: Switch your Direct Deposit

Step 3: Redirect your Automatic Payments

Print out and complete an Automatic Payment Change Form for each automatic payment you have set up (such as your monthly car insurance, loan or mortgage payments). Send this form to notify your billing companies to automatically withdraw their payments from your new Heritage Bank account.

Step 4: Close Your Old Bank Account(s)

  • Ensure that all checks and transactions have cleared before you close the account.
  • Print out and complete the Account Closing Form.
  • Remove all funds from your old account.



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